Sisterhood Talkies Of Northeast

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Are you a filmmaker from the Northeast India? Have you made a film with a woman as protagonist, from Northeast India? Would you like your film to be screened in multiples locations in the South of India?

Submission process:

Please fill this online form to submit the film to the festival.


  • The film must be made by a female filmmaker from Northeast India (OR)
  • The film must be made by any filmmaker about a WOMAN from Northeast India.
  • If you are a female filmmaker, signing up as a member is mandatory. Link here.
  • Any film made by a man and if it is not about a Northeast woman will be disqualified.
  • The film can be of any genre/country/year of production as long as the first two objectives are met.
  • The film can be of any duration.
  • Participants may send multiple entries but separate entry forms are required for each entry.
  • Films made in languages other than English are required to be subtitled in English. Otherwise, the submission will not be accepted.