Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival

The 2017 Women’s Voices Now (WVN) Online Film Festival is an opportunity for films and filmmakers interested in exposure and advocacy for women’s rights, and teaming up with WVN to have your films seen around the world. Films must be about women’s social, economic, and political issues. Films by women and men are accepted into the festival. This is the fourth WVN Online Film Festival. All films in any language other than English are encouraged to submit; however, all films must include English language subtitles.

Submissions Open: October 17, 2016, 9AM PST
Submissions Close: February 6, 2017, 11:59PM PST
Official Selections Notified: February 10, 2017
Online Film Festival: March 8, 2017- April 5, 2017, 11:59PM PST
Award Winners Notified: April 12, 2017

website-festival-partnership-announcementThe criteria include the following:

  • Films of any length (shorts and features).
  • Films which are in English or suitably subtitled in English (films originally produced in regional languages are welcome).
  • Entries for selection are required to be sent as a high resolution, screening quality digital upload (H264 or Apple ProRes422 codecs appreciated).

Films must explore one or more of the following issues:

Political representation, Justice in the legal system, Portrayals of violence against women, Leadership and advocacy, Harmful and controlling cultural practices, Economic empowerment, Equal education opportunities, Challenging media stereotypes, Women’s sexuality, Healthy partnerships and relationships, Reproductive health, Matriarchal societies

submit_btn-black_lgThere is a $20 submission fee for each film submission. As a gesture to include films from India to be screened globally, the first TEN members of WMF India will get a complete fee waiver. The code to enter on Film Freeway  at checkout will be shared with you after you write to contactwmfindia@gmail.com with your interest.

Submissions are incomplete until a high resolution, screening-ready, digital download is made available. By submitting your film to our festival, you agree to our Rules & Regulations and Licensing Agreement. For more information on Women’s Voices Now: www.womensvoicesnow.org


  • The festival will remain open for anyone until Feb 6.
  • This special offer is valid for the first TEN members. However, upon hitting this number too, the regular $20 submissions will continue until Feb 6.
  • To be eligible for the offer, you must be a member of WMF India. You can sign up here.
  • Non-members are also encouraged to apply with the regular terms of WVN.
  • Decisions of WMF India regarding all matters not expressly provided for in these regulations or which require interpretation of the clauses mentioned above shall be final & binding on all parties.