Saba Rehman


Saba Rehman


My Swag:

I have been associated with films for a decade, documentaries in particular. The films that I have worked on as an editor or assistant director in my earlier years were about Indian syncretism, the Muslim community within a democratic Indian context, the evolving of syncretic Muslim mystic musical traditions in India. My body of work also includes looking at some of the dark sides of this multicultural clash within India, like honour killings and conflict zones. I am also deeply interested in artwork that can be vaguely described as a performance of the personal. This includes a film that I did on my own self, looking at body image politics. At the moment the projects that I am working on deal with women’s cross-cultural narratives of solidarity, sexuality, human rights and gender discrimination.

Areas of specialisation:

  • Direction
  • Editing
  • Story/Screenplay Writing