Sharanya Chander


Sharanya Chander

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My Swag:

There are times in life when you feel like you are walking amidst the clouds and in a trice, they part exposing a beautiful view and you know in that very moment that this is the only place under the sun that you wanted to be in. I had this experience a considerable time ago. It was the moment I clicked my first photograph with my brand new DSLR. The click of the button, the sound of the shutter,  the wide-eyed smiles of my family, the flash of bright light, a camera lens capturing the myriad emotions within the tiny frame and of course the pure adrenaline rush. It was a profound moment in my life when I knew I had found my true calling.

My passion for this noble art was ever increasing while formally pursuing my undergraduate degree in Visual Communication. I did my post graduation in Professional Photography from Light & Life Academy under the guidance of Mr. Iqbal K Mohammed, a renowned photographer, which gave me an even more intense propensity towards photography. Gradually, my interest was molded into a formative structure enriched by training and enriching experiences. 

After two years of freelancing experience and running my own business as a professional photographer, I went ahead to assist DOP Mr. Nirav D Shah, the ace cinematographer for movies such as Dhoom, Billa, etc to his credit. I was an assistant cinematographer with my first film being the mammoth “Enthiran 2.0”, by Director Shankar, “Diya”, “Lakshmi” by Director Al Vijay and “Super Deluxe” by Director Thiyagaraja Kumaraja. I was also the second camera operator for the final three above-mentioned movies. I have worked on over 34-40 ad films under the capacity of an associate cinematographer and second camera operator. After two years of experience in the world of cinema in the camera department, I have now started to work independently as a Director of Photography. I am currently shooting for  “Vrittham”, a  Malayalam film by Director Gauthami Nair.

Areas of specialisation:

  • Cinematography
  • Color Grading
  • Photography